Cheap Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Shoes Sale Australia

Nike Free Run shoes copy An Experience Of running Barefoot

Nike Free Run 3.0 v4 running shoes are engineered to offer the runner as mimic an experience of running barefoot as possible, while still allowing some protection and cushioning to the heels and sole. They are engineered from high-tech lightweight materials, and give the wearer a sock-like fit that feels like a second skin. In this article we will be looking at some standout characteristics of superior Nike Free Run shoes so you know what to look for.

Womens Nike Free Run 3.0

One of the most important considerations is the suitability of the Nike Free Run shoe to the style of surface you'll be running on. There are various styles of Nike Free Run shoes for different surfaces; for example, superior Nike Free Run shoes for trails have treads for traction and have more cushioning, whereas those made for running on roads are engineered to protect from slips on smooth surfaces. In broad terms, there are mainly three styles of Nike Free Run shoes engineered for running. At the most "protective" and least "natural" end of the spectrum are Free Run shoes; which occupy the other end of the spectrum. Somewhere in the middle are Nike Free Run shoes.

Barefoot Nike Free Run 3.0 Australia shoes offer the runner the unmatched experience to actually running barefoot. These styles are truly Free Run in every sense of the word. Most designs have little or no protection for the heels, and the soles are ultra thin. In fact, the distance between the skin and the ground in most designs is less than 5mm. They offer almost no protection from the threats posed by the terrain. The Nike Free Run shoes are more easily adjusted to by runners who have high arches.

Cheap Nike Free Run 3

Cheap Nike Free Run 3.0 running shoes are in the middle of the spectrum, and are engineered to break a balance between the natural feeling of running barefoot and having at least some form of protection from the terrain. Since the barefoot variants are not suitable for all types of runners, designers aim for a happy medium, that is, to offer the best of both worlds. This happy medium comes in the form of Nike Free Tiffany Blue shoes which offer the benefit of running barefoot, as well as the cushioning and support of a traditional running shoe. Serious runners who want to get into barefoot running can ease into it by first getting used to Nike Free Run shoes.

Seamless Precision Tube

Flanges Australia includes seamless precision tubes in our product range manufactured to DIN 2391 type C.

These tubes are supplied in a seamless cold drawn and normal annealed quality, marked by the code NBK.  The tubes can be delivered in either grey phosphated & oiled finish or zinc passivated finish.

The tubes are manufactured from St37.4 carbon steel with a fine grained quality according to DIN 1630 and have the following material properties.

Material Tensile Strength Rm inN/mm2 Yield Strength in N/mm2 Elongation in %
ST37.4 according to DIN 1630  Material No 1.0255 finegrained quality 350….480 235 for wall thickness less than or equal to 16mm 25

Each tube is subjected to a non destructive material testing to detect faults and improperties.

Tubes are in fixed lengths of 6 metres and can be marked over the entire length according to DIN 2391.

This designation also serves as proof that the above mentioned tests have been carried out and replaces a test report according to EN10204 ( formerly DIN 50049 )

  If required, customers can be supplied with an inspection certificate 3.1B according to EN10204.

Please note that these certificates are batch released and must be requested at the time of ordering the tubes.

 Stainless Steel Tube  

The Flanges Australia product range also includes seamless cold drawn and heat treated stainless steel tubes with the technical properties listed below;


Material Tensile Strength Rm inN/mm2 Yield Strength in N/mm2 Elongation in %
X6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2 Material No. 1.4571 Also Known as V4A

500….730 210 35
X6 CrNiMoTi 18 10 Material No. 1.4541 Also known V2A

500….730 200 40

Seamless Tubing – Stock Sizes


                                **Calculated Working                      Theoretical Burst              

OD x Wall             Pressure in Bar to DIN2413            Pressure in Bar

  6x1.0                                     374                                                          1680

  8x1.0                                     289                                                          1190

10x1.0                                     249                                                            870

10x1.5                                     358                                                          1380

12x1.5                                     305                                                          1150

12x2.0                                     393                                                          1580

14x2.0                                     343                                                          1340

15x1.5                                     249                                                            980

16x2.0                                     305                                                          1170

18x1.5                                     210                                                            780

20x2.5                                     305                                                          1220

22x2.0                                     228                                                            850

25x2.5                                     249                                                            920

25x3.0                                     294                                                          1050

28x2.0                                     182                                                            620

30x4.0                                     323                                                          1250

35x2.5                                     182                                                            620

38x4.0                                     261                                                            970

42x3.0                                     182                                                            580


** According to DIN 2413, Case 111: dynamic load with operating temperature range

     -40°C to +120°C